Reiloy Westland Corporation was founded in 1988 after acquiring the assets of a well-known manufacturer of tool steel-lined barrels. With the development of expertise in custom injection molding screw design and the award of a U.S. Patent for the remarkable Eagle Mixing Screw, Reiloy Westland Corporation has become an acknowledged leader in component technology in the plastics industry. Our reputation for quality and customer service has continued to grow since our inception.

Reiloy Westland Corporation’s expertise runs deeper than injection molding screws and barrels. Everyday Reiloy pushes the limits to help both extrusion and blow molding plastic processors reach or exceed their production goals.

Today, many of Reiloy’s first employees are still here. Years older, seasoned, valued, and admittedly our best assets. Reiloy Westland Corporation is a fast moving company with slow thought ideals built of strong metal- just like our products. Reiloy employees know this is a place to build a career. Our clients know Reiloy Westland Corporation is a company to put faith and stock in.