Helping Molders & Their Customers Succeed

RJG is a recognized international leader in injection molding training, technology, and resources. 

RJG provides comprehensive tools and award-winning training that allow molders to implement scientific molding techniques and improve molding quality, productivity, and profitability. Our unprecedented support and technology can eliminate even the most frustrating molding challenges.

The RJG eDART System revolutionized the industry by providing standardized parts processing and advanced diagnostic tools. A full complement of related product sensors, installation kits, software modules and more makes RJG an important supplier for companies looking to improve product quality and consistency while optimizing efficiency and performance.

In addition, RJG provides both general interest and specialized training for injection molding professionals at all levels. Support and training are provided world-wide at RJG regional sales offices throughout the world and via the internet.

The RJG customer list includes progressive-minded companies in the automotive, medical, and general plastics processing segments.

The Help You Need

Do you need training to advance to the next level? Or do you strive to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve product consistency? Let us help.

We Offer

  • Comprehensive training and application assistance
  • Plant analysis and consultation services
  • Proven injection molding strategies
  • Professional customer support
  • A commitment to helping molders succeed