World Leader in Magnetic Platens

Tecnomagnete Quad-Press system is currently the most complete answer to the growing requirements of concepts like JIT(Just In Time) and SMED (Single Minute Die Exchange) used in all advanced manufacturing process to allow smaller production batches and wider product ranges, by offering: improved manufacturing flexibility, reduction of machine down time, better quality in molding, reduction of inventory, lean manufacturing process, practical, and safe use, and higher productivity. With thousands of installations already in place all over the world on the best machine brands either new or already in use have proven the great economical convenience of the Quad-Press system in numerous industrial sectors.

In the early 70s Tecnomagnete was the first company to invent and offer a permanent-electro magnetic system able to perform with high power in total safety for clamping and lifting ferrous parts of any shape and size. In the early 80s Tecnomagnete developed this system further by patenting the square pole circuit with a neutral yoke called Quadsystem. This enabled us to manufacture more efficient permanent-electro magnetic systems able to satisfy the many requirements of workholding for heavy duty cutting on machine tools.  During the 90s Tecnomagnete was again the first to apply such technology for the quick mold clamping on plastic injection machines.