UBE Machinery Inc.


UBE Industries will complete 120 years of growth and success at the end of 2106. A global corporation with headquarters in UBE City, Japan, UBE today is over  $7 Billion in annual sales with focus sections in chemicals, cement and building products, plastics, and machinery. Known around the world as the leader in large injection molding machine technology (720 US tons through 7000 US tons) UBE Machinery is also the global leader in die cast machinery, squeeze cast machinery, and aluminum extrusion.

UBE Machinery Inc. is the US arm of the UBE family of machinery manufacturers. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, UBE Machinery Inc. assembles machines for the North American market in sizes from 720 US tons to 2500 US tons. Machines from 2750 US tons through 7000 tons are manufactured in Japan.

UBE continues to produce the finest in state of the art hydraulic machinery from 720 US tons to 7000 US tons, and leads the world in the production of All Electric Injection Molding Machines from 720 US tons to 3950 US tons.